Anonymous asked:

How would each pasta react to you wearing lingering? What would there fantasies be?

cpbfquestions answered:

I hope it posts this because the last question I answered didn’t post. Anyway, Jeff would love to see you in something reminiscent of a hooker. Laughing jack wants to see his little lollipop striped from head to toe (and then stripped from head to toe). slender man if he had a lingerie kink it would be old timey burlesque style. Offender man would like anything. Kinky Pokemon outfits for both red and silver and Ben is just a fan of video game inspired wear in general. Dr smiley wants a sexy nurse . Eyeless jack would appreciate any effort you put in to be sexy for him. The boys for the most part would jump you but expect eyeless jack, slender man, splendor, trender man and dr smiley to actually have some romance in the situation. The other when tempted will just jump you. You are dressed as one of the objects of their affections and damn it they want you.

Those I left out would like any kind of lingerie as long as you’re in it.